Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Beauty in "Beauty and the Beast"

Too feminine sounding, too romantic, too many bad reviews, too many other shows to watch, too many excuses, I had three years of excuses not to watch The CW's Beauty and the Beast but last week I decided to take a chance. Having my "TV-show well" begin to run dry with seasons ending left right and center I felt compelled to try something new. Sticking with sci-fi and the supernatural I wanted something with a few seasons under its belt, just in-case I became a little... completely addicted. This led me right to Beauty and the Beast and am I glad it had a few seasons.Watching three seasons in a week may sound over indulgent (which it completely was) or it might imply i'm just really lazy but in fact I have managed to squeeze every last second away from work into fueling my new addiction.

A quick series re-cap might be necessary. The series follows New York Police detective Catherine Chandler and her quest to discover why ten years prior her mother was assassinated and she was saved from the same fate by an unknown "Beast". Cat has attempted to move on a leave her quest behind her, until a case involving genetically modified DNA and the fingerprints of a KIA Afghan war veteran draw her to Vincent Keller, the aforementioned war veteran. Vincent turns out to be the reason Cat survived her mothers assassination and reveals himself to be the "Beast". The first season follows Vincent and Cat attempting to get to know one another, with Vincent helping Cat with her police cases while attempting to remain hidden from the secret military organisation who created and are now hunting him.

With so much going on in the plot, a series like this would normally move relatively slowly and still be difficult to keep pace with and yet this is refreshingly different. Each episode in series one introduces a crime in which Catherine must investigate often with the help of her new found savior. This simple episodic plot device helps keep each episode new and allows the characters to become familiar while making time to place powerful themes and intricate story-lines throughout the season rather than trying to force them into each episode. The series has a very natural flow with the often criticized script actually taking a more human approach to conversations, adding a layer a realism to the slightly "out there" plot.Although the script and plot are often the most criticized parts of the show, by people who maybe haven't taken the time or allowed themselves to truly become enthralled in the story, the real selling point of the series are the characters.
Cat and Vincent have this very powerful will they? won't they? type of relationship going on early in season one and when they finally do, the viewer feels the passion in their relationship, they feel the anger and pain in Vincents transformations, they feel the confusion and desire from Catherine to find out why her mother was killed. There are so many emotions in this series that it's hard to imagine anyone not falling for it's charm, and of course it helps that the main characters are highly attractive.

Season 2 and 3 change completely from season 1 and remove the now unnecessary weekly crime as the characters are already fully developed, and the fact that they all have a few more things to deal with each week. This changes the view of the series, bringing the "VinCat" relationship to the forefront and showing the viewer just how far their love will go and how far it can be pushed. Although there are still a few points unanswered such as: where are Vincent's scar, healing abilities and night vision, we will let that slide for now in the hopes of an impressive answer somewhere in the future.

The fact that season 4 was renewed before season 3 had even premiered shows how dedicated the CW and the Beauty and the Beast fan's ( Beasties) are to making sure this show gets a chance to tell its ever evolving story.
I think it's fair to say that I am officially a "Beastie" (which has a very different meaning here in the west of Scotland, so lets ignore that) in fact I am such a huge fan of this show that I, without realizing, had powered through 3 seasons and am now forced to ration my final few episodes, as I hadn't noticed before that season 3 only had 13 episodes.

Beauty and the Beast is so much more than just a plot and a script, it's a view at real lives and relationships (albeit with genetically modified monsters). This show has everything anyone could ever want, it's a cop drama with car chases and gun fire, its a romantic drama with real love friendship and passion, its a sci-fi monster show with murders and intrigue, its fast and furious meets MTV's teen wolf meet deer John. It's complex and it's Beautiful.

Trailer for season 1: HERE

Monday, 15 June 2015

Sense8: Future or Flop?

The netflix original series, which is now live, has created quite a large divide between professional critics and private viewers of the show. Most critics have expressed strong dislike of the show whereas netflix viewers seem to actually be enjoying the show. There is a good reason for the contrasting opinions and that is that most if not all of the negative reviews have struggle to get past the first episodes (which I admit I almost gave up then) instead of reviewing the series most critics are actually only reviewing the first few episodes.

Netflix has created a new generation of tv viewer, the binge viewer, although it was always possible to binge on your favourite tv shows through dvd or vhs boxsets never before was it easier to lose a day(or even a week) to brand new shows instantly. So to meet this new demand Netflix and other streaming services have had to come up with creative ways to make a tv show interesting enough to keep watching episode after episode, hour after hour. Introducing Sense8.

Sense8 does not fit the traditional tv show style of hints and twisting story-arcs every episode because it doesnt need to. Sense8 is designed to be viewed all at once rather than week by week, which is great because I dont think most people would remember to watch it again after the first episode.

Is it worth watching?

Let me clarify this straight away before I try and explain this incredibly complex and intricate story. You DO NOT watch Sense8, you experience it, and I know how ridiculous that sounds, but right from episode one you and the characters are connected. Each of the 8 (hence the name) main characters all have stories worthy of their own tv shows and stories that you will when watching wish had their own tv shows until they begin to merge properly. In episode one you and the characters have absolutely no idea what is happening, as they start to see visions of other people in their homes and workplaces ( and bathrooms) they feel instantly confused, angry and stressed, feelings that you as the viewer mimic as you try to unravel this story but cannot until the characters do. When watching Nomi and her partner (Freema agyeman) you feel their love for each other ( let down only by Agyeman's attempt at an american accent) and you feel the anger they feel when family and medical professionals turn on Nomi in the early episodes.

DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! that is the message to all who watch the first episode or even the first few episodes and think that its all just a little too complex or it just has too much going on all the time because it gets better, so much better. I'll agree that you shouldn't really have to "endure" the first three hours of a tv show in order to enjoy the rest but for this particular tv show it is worth it. Once you pass the third episode you realise that all of that complexity and confusion make sense that each of the 8 are connected by "one mind" of sorts, they can share their abilities and emotions, shown in the few incredible fighting scenes where Sun (Korean business woman/ martial artist) connects with multiple characters, the first time we see this is early on when Capheus ( Nairobi bus driver) gets robbed in the street by a gang of gun wielding lunatics, he and Sun connect as she fights in what appears to be a mixed martial arts fight in Korea and Capheus fights to regain his mothers Aids medication from the gang, she takes over in Nairobi and...... well watch it and find out. Some of the best and most heartfelt scenes come from the characters sharing their thoughts and emotions through music, pain or simply by sitting side by side on opposite sides of the planet ( trust me it makes sense) but the characters also share pleasure, as seen when they had an intercontinental orgy in their minds (again, it makes sense).
Many people are uncomfortable with sex scenes and more so when those involve female on female or male on male scenes and Sense8 is heavy on it's use of sex scenes but doesnt just add sex for the sake of sex, this show opens your mind to the intricacy of the relationships between everyone regardless of gender or sexuality and adds another level to the inclusion for the viewer into the world of tv.

Sense8 is to this day the closest a viewer can come to actually being a part of the story as it happens, as close to we have of being able to step into our tv's. To all of those who are complaining of its complexity and the show having "too many" main characters with "too much" going on in each story I feel obliged to tell you that, That's life, there are other stories out there and each of these complex worlds do eventually merge. This new style of tv show helps you to get out of that "is the whole world in my head" idea and truly start to understand that each person has their own stories filled with love and pain that occasionally we get to be a part of.

For me and hopefully all other viewers of Sense8 this show is exciting and intelligent and fingers crossed will be the future of tv, even if it is only streaming services who evolve to this kind of program. So there is at least one viewer eager for season 2.

---let me know how you found the series and if you are wishing for a season 2 or not in the comments section.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Vertis you

Overmax was at it again last month when they released the "Vertis You" the next in the Vertis line. The Vertis You offers new styling choices in a stunning curved body with a 4" screen available in 6 colours ( black, white, pink, blue, mint and red)

The android 4.2 device comes with a dual core 1.2GHz processor and 512MB of RAM. The 8MP rear camera should take perfect images every time, giving beautifully clear images which can all be stored on the inbuilt 4GB of memory or on an SD card (up to 32GB).

The 4-inch screen can be powered for hours with the 1700mAh battery built into the fantastic "Vertis You".

The devices was officially launched on March 30th, go take a look at the Vertis You and other fantastic Overmax devices HERE.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My new "Inew"

Inew V3

It's very likely that you will have never heard of the "V3" or even the company "Inew" itself if you are one of my western readers, but in china they are, as far as I can tell, a growing company (so some of our chinese readers may know of Inew). A little back-story before we get to the handset itself, The company which looks to be relatively new-ish appears to have less than 10 devices under its belt but this is by no means a negative, the majority of their devices are quick, powerful and if you love Samsung design then they are also attractive (Im not a sammy fan but they are still nice designs).

To the V3 and all I can say is I found my new love, taking design inspiration from the Xperia range rather than the Galaxy range like the other Inew devices this phone is done no justice by any pictures, to truely appreciate the V3 you need to see it first-hand. Okay so I might be over-hyping but for good reason, although the rear of the phone is plastic it has a matte finish which just adds a little something to the sturdy aluminium trim sides and solid glass face.
The device has a 5-inch HD screen with gorilla glass, it also has touch buttons for the navigation bar which helps increase the overall screen real estate. It is a 3g handset but for it's price you cannot expect more, It has NFC, a 13MP rear camera with flash and 5MP front camera, quad core media-tek chip and 16GB of storage and so much more

Full specs available HERE

All in I payed around £150 for my order, that included delivery, a 32GB memory card, and a customs fee. The device itself at "Special price" from Inew is £115.21 and apparently the regular price is £157.68 either way it's an outstanding price for a large hd smartphone.


  • large 5-inch HD screen
  • Corning Gorilla Glass
  • removable battery
  • sd slot
  • powerful camera 
  • fast, quad core processor
  • stunning blue lighting "eye" home button
  • very little, if any bloatware and skinning
  • Dual sim, 1 sim, 1 micro-sim 
  • Black or white colours available


  • unknown amount of software support
  • android 4.2.2 (outdated) (possible future update)
  • plastic and at times creaky back panel
This device is not just for those on a budget, it has a large visually stunning screen, great cameras, Beautiful design (similar to xperia z), and NFC for a budget smartphone this device has high specs and an eye catching design that once you hold you don't want to let go. I honestly recomend to all of my friends and readers to take a look at Inew's newest device and buy it while you can because stock levels fluctuate a lot.

link: HERE

Friday, 14 February 2014

Gaming, the future is bright!

Quick recap of mobile phone gaming

Not so long ago the only way to play a "real" computer game was to be on a PC or a games console such as the playstation or the Xbox and the most powerful games on phones were the likes of Snake or Tetris, but then along came the smartphone. The Iphone brought the first steps to creating a real console experience on a mobile phone to the masses (albeit the rich masses), soon after the iphone, android began to rise in the mobile world, originally having cheap and not very powerful handsets held android back in the gaming experience but not after too long manufacturers began to believe in android and sink real money in the production of handsets. This led to android phones racing ahead in terms processors and bringing gaming to the forefront of handset production. Manufacturers knew that gaming was a major concern for modern customers so making handsets more powerful obvious, but Sony took it one step further releasing the Xperia Play, a playstation orientated mobile phone.

Where are we now

Now at the start of 2014 there has never been more choice of where to play your games. The next generation of major consoles have just been released resulting in the most powerful games consoles we have ever seen, in the past this would only really cause competition between the three big console manufacturers, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, but there is now more competition than ever. Most consumers now have incredibly powerful mobile phones such as the Galaxy S4 or even more powerful tablets such as the Xperia Tablet z, which can handle the best mobile games, the games that are incredibly close to console quality(Modern combat series). 
But handsets are not the only competition for the big three because as you all should know by now there are an increasing number of Android games consoles on the market, the most popular being the wonderful little OUYA, now most "serious" gamers probably haven't given the little box or any of its sibling the slightest of thought but maybe they should. The OUYA may not be the most powerful android machine ever made (understatement of the year) but it still has a huge catalogue of very interesting and top mobile quality games availably for a very, very low price and the collection is still growing every day (something the big three don't really offer).
The pc world is also changing with steam planning on moving their PC software to console hardware, creating the steam box, which will hold the already huge steam games collection.

The Future

So as I said earlier the future is BRIGHT but also very, very full. The PS4 and XBOX ONE will be here for the majority of the next decade, The steam box/ boxes will no doubt become a staple in the homes of most if not all PC gamers, The Ouya is due for an annual update similar to mobile phones and the mobile phones themselves are obviously going to get more and more powerful until we can play the likes of battlefield 4 or watchdogs while waiting for the bus.

Our choices for what to play and where to play them differ from person to person, I myself love to delve into a huge free-roam world like assassins creed or skyrim but I also love quirky multiplayer games such as Bombsquad which is why I own a ps3 and an OUYA. So whatever your gaming needs the future will undoubtedly have them covered.

Monday, 4 November 2013

1st Birthday !!!!!

That's right readers it's Andro-aiden's 1st Birthday today. And I just want to thank all of you readers for staying interested and reading all of my reviews, rants and random posts. Since I have never made any money from Andro-aiden I can't really afford to spend a lot of money buying devices for giveaways and prizes (although I will try to do giveaways in the future) but I can take some time to sincerely write to my dedicated readers, yes we might not have hit the 5000 views mark yet but your continued support really does go a long way for me. So from my little green robot heart Thank you and Happy 1st Birthday Andro-aiden.

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